Thanks for coming VicenzaOro January 2023


The VicenzaOro fair surprised us this year, many people and also a lot of faith in the future. New stands, new points of view, new perspectives and even visitors reached record numbers.

The January Fair has always been the most important, but this year, despite the cold and snow, it truly had the scent of spring for us. During the show we have always the opportunity to meet each other, friends, colleagues and meet new ones; we manage to perceive even more what the trends in the individual markets will be, such as global trends and furthermore the fair gives us the possibility to understand on what we will have to work during the year.

Our stand has changed, it has come alive: you could see some of our colleagues, Milos, Irene, Simonetta, Federico, Eugenio and Alex tell their first approach with the chain or describe how a grumetta is produced; as you have seen, the company has grown in the meantime, there are new machinery, new people and, if you have leafed through the catalogue, perhaps you will have noticed that there are several new products, here you are in our new website… even communication has a different style!

This is to tell you we really like to present ourselves well; we work hard on this so as to welcome you in the best possible way and make you feel like our guests in a pleasantly prepared place, just like when we invite someone home and we want everything to be in the right place.

These have been intense days but we are really happy to have met you, to have shaken your hands, offered you a coffee and shown our chains: these are the purposes of the fair and if we meet every year in Vicenza it is precisely to talk directly, to let you touch our quality and be able to provide you with the best product you need or will need.

Thank you so much for your time and for continuing to create with us.

Croma catene
People creating Links

You weren’t able to come in Vicenza but will you be in Hong Kong? Book an appointment Book an appointment with us here and we will be happy to meet you there!

Other News

The Cubana

In the historical imagination, the Cuban link is often linked to yellow gold, a flamboyant, powerful, strong necklace. Our version comes from the metal we prefer: silver and it is suddenly elegant. A dive into the memory of the 70s, rappers and Hip Hop artists but toned down by our favorite metal that enhances its roundness and shine.

Clara our designer since 1986

The study of chains also passes through the combination of research and design, in order to match the comfort and the stylistic potential of each model This step evolves in each production phase and reaches the prototyping of wearable tewels born from thie combination of