Fox tail chain

“Coda di volpe” or “Fox tail chain” was created during the Etruscan Era. The Etruscans were extremely skilled craftsmen known for their unique talent for making jewellery and other objects with precious metals.

The Foxtail was considered a Classic chain in the post-war era and was “handmade“ by expert Artisans. During modern times, the chain has been elaborated and production is industrial and on a larger scale.

The greater part of production of this chain still takes place in the “Heart of Etruria”, the town known today as Arezzo and surroundings. The so called Classics suffer the ins and outs of fashion but as we all know sooner or later they return “In Vogue”: like the “Volpe”.

Croma Catene, realising that beauty can fade but charm is eternal, rides on the wave of success that this chain has had over the years and continues to have by launching it on a market that is increasing considerably with request for different varieties of the “Volpe”.

For us, “Caccia alla volpe“ or “Foxhunt” means renewal and implementation of an entire production department, therefore making us manufactures of the widest range of models in the world. Our machineries are ready to produce all the varieties requested from new fashionable collections, also ideal for men, by taking advantage of its versatility for the customization of the chain (colours, oxidation or “Vintage”), to finally arrive at the great Brand it has become a true and real Icon of all times.